Talk About Dance

Sharing stories and inspiring new ideas about the power of dance to create social change

TALK ABOUT DANCE (TAD) is a biannual event that advances DWC’s mission to expand the role of dance in local communities by bringing together people who recognize that the medium has a vastly underutilized potential to serve a larger and more intentional purpose in many more areas of civic life. TAD welcomes all Greater Boston dancers, leaders, supporters and enthusiasts for a unique opportunity to meet new people, reconnect with old friends, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about repositioning the role of dance in our community.

One of the area’s most socially vibrant settings for dance-related learning and exchange of ideas, a typical TAD event brings focus to a specific dance-related issue or theme, features a panel of experts, and includes an opportunity for intimate conversation in a facilitated World Café-style discussion. Past TAD events have centered around varying issues that are relevant to all dancers from the recreational dancer to the career artist and activist.

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