Introduced in 2009, the annual Dance for World Community Festival is the centerpiece of the project’s Local Partnership Model. In collaboration with local government, businesses, cultural and social agencies, the festival brings together the entire community to celebrate the power of dance to create positive change.

The free public day-long festival features performances and classes in diverse styles of dance from more than 60 local dance companies, as well as over 20 social justice organizations and non-profits designed to raise awareness about dance and its potential to address social and environmental issues.

Attendees are invited to discover a new form of dance, try an introductory class or two, enjoy a full afternoon of performance by the area’s finest dance troupes, and engage in conversation with the activists who fight for social and environmental justice – and later, to join everyone in a come-one-come-all dance party.

14th Annual Festival | June 8, 2024

13th Annual Festival | Sept 24, 2022

12th Annual Festival | Sept 25, 2021

11th Annual Festival | June 8, 2019

10th Anniversary Festival | June 4-9, 2018

9th Annual Festival | June 5-10, 2017

8th Annual Festival | June 11, 2016

7th Annual Festival | June 7-13, 2015

6th Annual Festival | June 13-15, 2014

5th Annual Festival | June 8-9, 2013

4th Annual Festival | June 9, 2012

3rd Annual Festival | June 11, 2011

2nd Annual Festival | June 12, 2010

1st Annual Festival | June 6, 2009