Dance for World Community (DWC) is a partnership-based initiative that amplifies the connective power of dance to unify and strengthen our local communities.

Created by José Mateo Ballet Theatre in 2008, Dance for World Community recognizes dance as a vastly underutilized medium not only for personal development but also for creating stronger community cohesion and raising awareness about social issues that matter to all communities around the world. JMBT created DWC in order to:

  • Provide new structures for programs to engage and serve local communities through dance in more inclusive ways, and
  • Raise awareness on a more global level about the medium’s powerful, yet untapped, potential to address social issues that concern us all, in ways that simultaneously build strong community cohesion.

14th Annual Dance for World Community Festival

Saturday, June 8, 2024 • Harvard Square, Cambridge

For Performers & Instructors

As the largest dance event in the area, DWCF features over 60 performance groups and instructors. If your organization would like to perform or teach a dance a class at DWCF, apply below.

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For Advocacy Organizations

As part of DWC’s mission to bring together dance for social change, over 30 advocacy organizations participate in the festival. If your organization would like to be present at the festival, apply below.

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Dance for World Community is a program under José Mateo Ballet Theatre.