Dance Saturdays 2019


Anandini Sekhar

From the ancient Sanskrit text, RASA is the essential quality in dance and other arts that transports audiences to another reality full of wonder to inspire a heightened consciousness. Relish in the delight and mystery of two of India’s ancient Classical dance forms – Bharatanatyam and Odissi – both influenced and enhanced by the history, literature, music and visual art of multicultural India.


Michiko Kurata

Masters of traditional Japanese dance, music and the arts will gather at this dynamic event to showcase the beauty of Japanese culture. Do not miss this rare opportunity to see authentic kabuki dance and listen to the elegant sounds of koto and shakuhachi and powerful taiko drumming. Experience the martial arts of the samurai through karate, kendo and kobudo performances.


The Wondertwins

The technical prowess, sophistication, wit and unapologetic flash of The WonderTwins’ distinctive style make To Hip-Hop With Love an unforgettable performance that references the rich array of African-American entertainment traditions in completely original ways.


Salsa Y Control

Experience the fascinating flavors of Salsa culture – arrive early to take an introductory lesson, cut loose on the dance floor to music by some of the area’s best vinyl Salsa DJs, enjoy authentic Latin food and learn about the history of the intoxicating Afro-Caribbean rhythms now heard throughout the world. The smooth moves of the Salsa y Control dancers will surely inspire and propel you back to the dance floor.


Boston Lykeion Ellinidon

As if responding to an ancestral call, Boston Lykeion Ellinidon’s dance troupe promoting Hellenic traditions by preserving the dances that have always been so integral to social and cultural life in Greece and throughout the diaspora. Performances of old and new regional dances (horos) in authentic costumes are the highlight of a festive evening of Greek food, drink, participatory dance and other cultural pleasures including a photographic exhibit by the highly acclaimed Robert McCabe.



Under the direction of choreographer Ian Berg, Boston-based company Subject:Matter joins forces with tap dance legends and Boston natives Dianne Walker and Derick Grant for a not-to-be-missed tap dance experience.


Yosi Karahashi

An immersion into Spanish culture highlighted by the impassioned performances by acclaimed Flamenco artist Yosi Karahashi whose personal journey from Japan to Spain and ultimately to the U.S. provides the compelling story that drives her dramatically charged work.


Lorraine Chapman The Company & Moving Steps

Adrianne Tabet’s Moving Steps Foundation, a powerful model of how dance can transform lives, entrusts her troupe of dedicated women to the artistic imagination of acclaimed local choreographer Lorraine Chapman for a new experimental work.


José Mateo Ballet Theatre YouthWorks, Faculty & Guests

José Mateo Ballet Theatre’s YOUTHWORKS, now in its 25th year, is joined by faculty and other guest dancers in an exciting “coming out” celebration of the school’s advanced students who assuredly will help shape tomorrow’s dance landscape.


Benkadi Drum and Dance

The outstanding company of drummers and dances bring to life the irresistible lure of West African rhythms for an extraordinary cultural experience for all the senses. The performers’ boundless energy, generous spirit and infectious joy will have you dancing in – and eventually out – of your seat.