Dance on Film 2018 Series

Movies from Around the World – Strengthening Communities Through the Connective Power of Dance

Monday, June 4


36 minutes, USA

The Men Who Danced presents the story of the first all-male dance company established in the U.S. Shawn wanted to prove to the world that male dancers could be more than just props for female dancers. In 1982, eight of these men came together for a reunion at Jacob’s Pillow. This film highlights interviews with these original Shawn dancers at a 50-year reunion at Jacob’s Pillow, as well as rare archival footage of dances Shawn made for the company.


90 minutes, Canada

Rebels on Pointe is the first-ever, cinéma vérité documentary film celebrating the world famous Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo — the all male, drag ballet company founded over 40 years ago on the heels of New York’s Stonewall riots. The company has performed in over 500 cities and 33 countries, and has a cult following around the world. The film juxtaposes behind-the-scenes access and intimate, character-driven stories of its dancers, highlighted by their performances shot around the world.

Tuesday, June 5


70 minutes, Germany

In 1998, an ad appeared in the Wuppertal, Germany, newspaper inviting seniors with no previous acting or dancing experience to audition for parts in Pina Bausch’s revival of her 1978 performance-piece Contact Zone. What happened to the 26 people who responded to the ad and were ultimately chosen to participate is the subject of Ladies and Gentlemen Over 65, Lilo Mangelsdorff’s expertly crafted dance film full of joy and energy.


58 minutes, Australia

Dances of Ecstasy journeys into the mesmerizing world of trance and ecstasy that binds dancers from Manhattan to Morocco. The film explores rituals including Whirling Dervishes from Turkey, Orisha priestesses from Nigeria and Brazil, shaman healers from the Kalahari and Korea, and dancers from around the world. This documentary blends dance rituals, evocative imagery, interviews, and a spellbinding global music soundtrack.

Wednesday, June 6


84 minutes, USA

Alive and Kicking showcases the culture of swing dancing from its historic origins in Harlem to its rebirth starting in the 1990’s. This documentary gives the audience an intimate, insider’s view into the culture of the current swing dance world while shedding light on issues facing modern American society. This film captures an intergenerational community, one in which nonagenarians cut the rug alongside up-and-comers.


78 minutes, USA

This film by Cuban filmmaker, Orlando Rojas, presents a highly personal look at Rosario Suárez, the former prima ballerina of the Ballet Naciónal de Cuba. Due to a rivalry with the company’s longtime founder and director Alicia Alonso, she is rarely permitted to perform on the weekends but is showcased on the ballet’s Thursday programs, earning her the titular sobriquet la reina de los jueves – The Queen of Thursdays.