DWC Festival Application

Performer & Instructor Application 


Performance Groups 

  • Professional companies, youth groups, community groups, and amateur dance groups with public performance experience are welcome to apply. A limited number of solo performers will be accepted.
  • Performance slots are 10 to 20 minutes long.
  • Stages range in size from 20×20 to 40×40. Most are equipped with sprung floors and marley.
  • DWC staff will assign each group to an appropriate stage.
  • Any unusual technical requirements must be specified in the application and may impact stage assignment. Instruments, props, and other equipment are the sole responsibility of the performer.
  • All recorded music must be provided on the day of the Festival on a single, play-read CD containing the material for this event ONLY. Any other music format (iPod, computer, cassette tape, etc.) WILL NOT be accepted. A sound technician will be staffing each stage to play music.

Dance Instructors 

  • Classes may be targeted for children or adults, or open to all ages.
  • Each instructor may submit applications for one, two, or three classes at 20, 40, or 55 minutes in length.
  • All studios are equipped with a piano, CD player, sprung marley floors, mirrors, and barres. All recorded music must be in CD format – we cannot guarantee compatibility with digital devices.
  • Studios will be assigned as appropriate based on dance form and expected class size.
  • Instructors are responsible for providing their own music and/or accompanist.
  • Instruments, props, or other equipment are the sole responsibility of the instructor, including transportation and set-up. All items must be listed in the application and approved to ensure safety of students and protection of the studios.


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